This Adorable Guy Is Raising Baby Macaw Birds and It’s The Cutest Thing on the Internet

Johan Devenier from South Africa documents baby parrots since they came out of the egg

Johan Devenier has become a Tik Tok hero doing something good for the earth: he’s raising Macaw baby birds (‘bebes’) in his own home. Taking care of baby Macaws is a tough-job and Devenier is on call 24 hours a day.

The majority of macaws are now endangered in the wild and a few are extinct. The Spix’s macaw is now probably extinct in the wild. The glaucous macaw is also probably extinct, with only two reliable records of sightings in the 20th century. The greatest problems threatening the macaw population are the rapid rate of deforestation and illegal trapping for the bird trade.

Hopefully, Johan’s ‘bebes’ will have a nice life. Judging by the love and attention they receive from him they probably will.