Say Hello to 2022 New Emojis

37 new emojis and over 800 new characters were added to the unicode last year. Starting Monday, they will be available for Apple users as the company was the first to roll out the new emojis in the updated iOS version.

1. Melting face

2. Face with open eyes and hand over mouth

3. Face with eye peeking from behind hands

4. Saluting half face

5. Dotted line face

6. Face with diagonal mouth

7. Face holding back tears

8. Rightward hand

9. Leftward hand

10. Palm down hand

11. Palm up hand

12. Hand with index finger and thumb crossed

13. Index finger pointing at the viewer

14. Heart hands

15. Biting lip

16. Person with crown

17. Pregnant man

18. Pregnant person

19. Troll

20. Coral

21. Lotus

22. Empty nest

23. Nest with eggs

24. Beans

25. Liquid pouring out of a glass

26. Mason jar

27. Playground slide

28. Wheel

29. Ring buoy

30. Hamsa (the hand with the eye, a Middle Eastern amulet)

31. Disco mirror ball

32. Low battery

33. Crutch

34. X-ray

35. Bubbles

36. Identification card

37. Heavy equals sign

Emoji update: Multiracial handshakes (new color options for the existing handshake)

Emojipedia¬†published¬†a first look in late January at the new emojis available in iOS 15.4. The 37 new additions were approved in September by Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for greenlighting all emoji. They arrived early for developers as part of the iOS 15.4 beta, and they’re now available to everyone else with the release of the update Monday.