Pop App Radio Announces Top 10 Airplay Chart for 2021: Raylee, Kylie Minogue and Steps Hold the Top 3 Pop Tunes of the Year

2021 Biggest Pop Hits : Raylee at number 1 with Hero

Pop App Radio announces “Hero” by Raylee from Melodi Grand Prix, Norwegian National Final for Eurovision, as the number one pop song of the year, followed by Kylie’s Real Groove and Steps’ The Slightest Touch.

2021 Biggest Pop Hits: Norwegian singer Raylee, who failed to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest this year with her song “Hero” is crowned “Pop Song of the Year” by Pop App radio, a radio app for pop lovers. Back in February, Raylee gave an unforgettable performance of the song, channeling Flashdance, and was eliminated in the first stage of the grand final. The song spent over three months in the A List at Pop App, playing in heavy rotation, finishing as the most played song of 2021.

Raylee is followed up by Kylie Minogue, and the brilliant Initial Talk Remix of Real Groove that pays homage to some of her old stuff such as Got to Be Certain and Made in Heaven, and Steps with their Five Star cover, The Slightest Touch. Kylie and Steps also topped 2020 Year’s Chart with Say Something and What the Future Holds, that took number 1 and number 2 respectively last year.

Here’s Pop App Radio’ 2021 Biggest Pop Hits (including number of spins throughout the year)

  1. Raylee – Hero (556)
  2. Kylie Minogue – Real Groove (Initial Talk Remix) (503)
  3. Steps – The Slightest Touch (419)
  4. Jeff Vincent – I Don’t Like Waiting for Love (396)
  5. No Angels – Mad Wild (362)
  6. Foxes – Sister Ray (361)
  7. Topia – Take Me Back (349)
  8. Nick Jonas – This is Heaven (337)
  9. Peter Wilson – Forever Can Start Tonight (332)
  10. Steps – Take Me for A Ride (329)

Pop App Radio, the online radio app designed to “make pop great again” was launched in 2018. In a world of Spotify and the fast-paced social media feed, Pop App Radio has been reigniting the late 80s pop wave, highlighting the Stock-Aitken-Waterman and PWL era, celebrating pop music and promoting artists who might have been featured in Smash Hits, Number One, and Top of the Pops, acting as the reimagined radio version of these wonderful outlets that we all knew and loved.

“Working in the entertainment industry for many years, I came across brilliant songs and artists who never got a chance to receive radio airplay,” says Yan Dekel who runs the station. “With the flood of social media and radio pushing aside the pop that we love, it becomes even harder for these great artists to be heard. If you look at the top 10, besides Kylie and Nick Jonas (and maybe Steps), none of these wonderful artists get the media attention they deserve. If you listen to these songs you’ll scream, ‘Oh my God, how did I miss this?!’”