Going Viral: TikTok Dad Offers To Stand in as Parent for LGBTQ Couples on Their Wedding Day

“If you are a same-sex couple that’s getting married and you do not have biological parents there to support you, please let me know.”

Tennessee gay dad Dan Blevins (top picture with his husband) , who goes by @the_zombie_dan on TikTok offers LGBTQ couples to stand in as their parent if their biological parents refuse to attend the wedding.

“If I’m not able to attend your wedding, I have friends that will,” Blevins says. “We have a big network, and it just continues to grow of moms and dads that want to be a part of your big day. There are parents who want to be there for you on your big day. We’ll be your biggest fans.”

The video received over 300 shares and among the 2K comments the replacement dad received about 150 requests.

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“I just want parents. My birth parents turned on me because I’m trans. I think what you’re doing is great,” one person wrote.

His post led to a launch of a website and a Facebook community, Stand in Pride focusing on providing support and to stand in as Parent for LGBTQ.

“Our Mission is to help any member of the LGBTQ+ community who has lost the love and support of family. We will help them get connected with a loving heart that will be their Stand in Family,” the website reads.

“In 2018, I walked my own daughter down the aisle, and just the thought of someone not having that parent at their wedding or in their life, it was just heartbreaking to me,” Blevins told the Today Show.

“I think we tend to take our family for granted,” Blevins said. “Filling that need of a mother figure or a father figure, even if it’s virtually, means so much to a lot of people.”