Gay Water Polo Player Victor Gutiérrez Opens Up About His Coming Out, Bullying Experience

Víctor Gutiérrez Gay Bullying

“They called me a faggot for the first time when I was 8 years old and I didn’t even know what it meant. In fact, I had to ask.”

In a new interview with 20 Minutos, Víctor Gutiérrez opened up about coming out and the bullying he endured as a child and still suffers to this day. The gay Spanish water polo star and LGBTQ activist came out publicly in 2016. Since then, he has continued to combine the sport that he is passionate about with his fight for the rights of LGTBQ people.

“I decided to come out because I think more references in sports and especially young people need to know that you can reach the elite of sports and be gay,” Gutiérrez says.

The sports star talked about bullying of gay children even before they discover their own sexuality.

“It’s amazing how at such a young age someone comes and call you a faggot and that is the first time you meet this term and you don’t even know what does it mean to be that person. But it strikes you as an insult and [you feel like] it marks you for life.”

Unfortunately, Victor says that he suffers from gay bullying to this day. Last year he suffered a homophobic insult while competing. “We played against Sabadell, we won, but sadly one of the other team called me a faggot during the game and I wondered that if this had happened to me, and I’m 30 years old and already have the tools to deal with that, including report on the assault — but what if it happens to a 13, 14 year old boy or girl who do not have the capacity to denounce it.”

Still, Gutiérrez has no regrets about coming out.

“It was without a doubt the bravest and the most important decision I’ve made in my life, especially because I got to help a number of people with their lives.”

“I invite everyone to become an agent of change, to make this society a diverse one and without phobia.”