“For Some Reason, Gays are Always Obsessed With Me” (Watch)

Jennifer Coolidge is a gay icon

Is her character talking or is it Jennifer Coolidge? The actress lines in “Single All The Way” about being a gay icon are hysterical.

Jennifer Coolidge is definitely a scene-stealer in Single All the Way, Netflix’s first gay-themed holiday rom-com.

The 2 Broke Girls actress is starring along with Michael Urie, Luke MacFarlane and Kathy Najimy as the sassy aunt Sandy. In the movie, Sandy talks about her being a gay icon. “the gays know how to do stuff,” she says. “For some reason, they are always obsessed with me. I don’t know why, but I like it.”

“I think it’s a very mutual thing,” Coolidge told TooFab when she was asked about being adored by the gay community in real life. “I think people like you back when you like them. It’s sort of always been an unconscious choice. When I was growing up like I was very unaware kid, I was sort of oblivious, but I just always gravitated toward gay men, gay women, like that was sort of my crowd.”

“It just makes a lot of sense that it sort of becomes a mutual thing,” she continued, adding, “I don’t know, you have the same taste.”

Michael Urie has commented on the question that’s on everyone’s head: is Jennifer Coolidge like that in real life?!

“When you see Jennifer Coolidge on film, you are like, ‘Oh my gosh, is she like that in real life?’ And it’s like, I mean, she’s not not like that,” he joked, adding that he feels she’s like a “shapeshifter” thanks to the “many different layers to her.”

Another LOL moment in the film is when Coolidge’s character, Sandy, Gathers the children she’s been mentoring for a Christmas show, and launches into a prayer. “I just want us all to go out there and take the people in the audience to another place and inspire them to be better versions of the people that they are already,” she says, reading from a sheet of paper. “I thank you all, each and every one of you, for being part of this experience with me. I feel so grateful. I feel so excited. I feel so honored. Let’s go out there and have the best time ever tonight. Be safe, and let’s shine like the brightest lights. Amen.”

During these last few sentences, Peter opens his eyes and shows a sign of recognition. He turns to Nick, who is standing beside him in the circle, and says, “Word for word Madonna’s pre-show prayer from Truth or Dare.”