Father James Martin is Building A Bridge Between Catholic Church and LGBTQ+ Community

Father James Martin is Building A Bridge Between Catholic Church and LGBTQ+ Community

A new movie titled Building a Bridge follows Father James Martin as he spreads the word that there’s a place for LGBTQ+ people in the Catholic church

A new documentary follows Father James Martin as he talks with a variety of audiences to encourage reconciliation between the Catholic church and LGBTQ+ community. The film is based on a book by the same name, published in 2017. And Martin hopes that LGBTQ+ people who see Building a Bridge will come away knowing God loves them.

In the past few years, Father Martin has made it his calling to bridge between the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ+ community. “Just this week I was speaking with a person whose son came out at age 30,” Father Martin said. “And it was difficult for him. We think that now it’s easy, but it’s still difficult. It’s even more difficult to find a place in the church, which is one of the reasons for this website. To really help people find a place where they feel welcomed. I hope this website reaches out to the margins and brings them to the center.”

Martin says he is accustomed to criticism, which comes mostly from the religious side, saying he’s ‘too LGBTQ friendly’. However, he stresses that he’s not disregarding the fact that the church and the Bible see homosexuality is a sin – he only says that there are ways that the church can still stand up for LGBTQ+ people without compromising its belief.

For example, Father Martin stands in support of the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide, he strongly oppose violence against LGBTQ+ people, and take a stand against conversion therapy.

Filmmakers Evan Mascagni and and Shannon Post who co-directed the documentary predict that Martin’s message will resonate with viewers of Building a Bridge. “I’m hoping we can really reach people who’ve never heard of him,” Mascagni told The Advocate.

“My main hope is that a lot of young people see the film,” Post added. “I think people will feel inspired and hopeful.”