Cardinal Marx, Top Advisor to The Pope: “Homosexuality is Not a Sin”

German Archbishop, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, made an incredibly advanced pro-LGBTQ comments in an interview with the German magazine Stern

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, advisor to Pope Francis, recalled in a recent interview how he blessed an LGBTQ couple, while also calling for church teaching on homosexuality to be reformed.

“‘A few years ago in Los Angeles, after a service, two came to ask for my blessing, so I did,” Marx told the magazine, in the interview published on March 31. “It wasn’t a wedding ceremony. We can’t offer the sacrament of marriage.’”

The cardinal made some surprisingly optimistic comments towards the LGBTQ community.

“‘Homosexuality is not a sin,” he said. “It corresponds to a Christian attitude when two people, regardless of gender, stand up for each other, in joy and sorrow,’ he said. The value of love was also shown in ‘not making the other person an object, not using him or her or humiliating him or her.’

“LGBTQ+ people are part of creation and loved by God, and we are called upon to stand against discrimination.’ He also said, ‘Those who threaten homosexuals and anyone else with hell have understood nothing.”

The Stern interview is the second time this month that the cardinal has made headlines for his LGBTQ-inclusive posture. Earlier in March, Marx apologized to LGBTQ people for ways the church has mistreated them, doing so at a Mass celebrating twenty years of LGBTQ pastoral care in his archdiocese.

“How many injuries we’ve caused have in the life stories of many people, that touches me,” he said, according to an article in Süeddeutsche Zeitung. “As bishop, I want to ensure that step by step we become an inclusive church.”

All relationships that follow the “primacy of love,” according to Marx in his subsequent sermon, could be accepted by God. He himself could not have imagined “being here with you” 15 years ago. He didn’t know any better. It is now all the more important to break new ground – “with the openness to also include those who find it difficult.”