Britain’s First Transgender Parent’s Groundbreaking New Film Follows a Trans Man’s First Day of Work

Britain's first transgender parent's groundbreaking new film follows a trans man’s first day of work

Tom’s Story, is the first of three short films directed by Jake Graf, who made history with his wife as Britain’s first transgender parents.

Jake Graf, a transgender man, created a series of three short films that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the viewers are asked to turn on computer’s camera, and the emotional expression on their face determines the story that they see – with 8 possible ending. The first one is titled Tom’s Story, and is now available to watch.

“As a transgender man, it has always been important to me to tell our stories authentically and honestly,” Jake said,  “but I must admit that I had never considered the use of such groundbreaking technology while telling those stories, nor the vast possibilities that it would open.”

“Tom’s Story is one that will be relatable to many trans and LGB people,” the director added, “the difficult choice of whether or not to be out at work, the importance of our allies, and the universal desire to feel accepted.”

Jake hopes that his movie will spread a little love and understanding this Trans Awareness Week. “The added charm of the films is that you the viewer are able to change the narrative with your emotional reactions to the films, and explore the many different outcomes that our hero experiences as a result of his surroundings.”

Jake made headlines last year as him and wife Hannah, formerly the highest-ranking trans officer in the British Arm, became the first (known) trans couple to have a child via surrogacy in the U.K.. An adorable snap shared by Jake of the couple hold their baby went viral.

Holding their baby was the couple’s joyful end to a year-long journey for the couple, who have at every turn battled seething, anti-trans vitriol from opponents. Often screaming at Jake and Hannah for simply existing, falling in love and starting, at long last, a family together.

The couple first discussed their intention to have a baby in 2018 before brimming with pride as they announced to the press that they used a surrogate for Jake who froze his eggs before his gender-affirmation surgery when he was 36.

Hannah spoke publicly about the common misconception and stigma about surrogacy. “The trouble is, people have strong opinions about surrogacy, as they do about people being transgender, without taking the care to understand,” she then said.

Watch the Behind the Scenes on making Tom’s Story as an AI experience below: