An Australian Mechanic Sets World Record for Most Push Ups in an Hour

Daniel Scali: World Record Most Push Ups

Daniel Scali cranked 3,182 push ups in one hour while pushing through chronic pain condition – and all for a good cause

Daniel Scali, a mechanic from Australia, holds the world record of most push ups in an hour – setting the bar at 3,182 – 128 more than the all-time high.

Scali also hold the world record for Longest Abdominal Plank as he held the position for 9 hours 30 minutes and 1 second last year in September

Daniel is suffering from a chronic condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) since he broke his arm falling off a trampoline at age 12. Since then his brain picks up the wrong messages and causes him to feel pain in the area when there is no cause for alarm.

“Anything from a soft touch, wind, or a slight movement can cause unbearable pain,” he says. “I wanted to prove to myself that I have learnt how to deal with and manage pain, which lead me to my attempts.”

But in addition to proving to himself, Daniel has become an agent for Australian Pain Management Association. His attempt at breaking the world record in most push ups in an hour helped raise $61,000 for the organization.

Pain Management

Last year, Cali gave an interview to GQ Australia, where he listed some of his technique to overcome pain through his excersize.

“I would visualize the pain in the affected area and I would almost see the pain as a color,” he told the magazine. “My color is red, and I would change that color to yellow. And while that yellow is there, you feel and see the yellow spreading to more of the affected areas and that’s cooling my pain down.”

Another technique he used was closing his eyes and imagining a tornado going through the affected areas. “For instance, I’ll start with my hand, and then as it’s running up, my hand going up through my forearm to my elbow, it’s almost like my arm is disappearing in that tornado,” he said. “And I’ll see or visualize my yellow color running up my arm all the way to my shoulder.”

“I would close my eyes when I’m planking, visualize a tornado, at the front of my head, slowly getting bigger, bigger, and bigger, and as it’s getting bigger, it’s taking over me. Running down my head, going through to my shoulders, going down my left arm, going down my right arm, and then it just slowly consumed me. And that would give me about 25-30 minutes of freedom.”