12-year-old Boy Whose Classmates Refuse to Sign His Yearbook Becomes A National Agent Against Bullying

The story broke in the boy’s hometown of Westminster, Colorado after his mother shared a heartbreaking post on Facebook. Now, both mom and kid are taking a national stand against bullying.

Cassandra Cooper posted a picture of her son’s yearbook and expressed she was heartbroken by how her son Brody’s classmates treated him.

“My poor son. Doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better,” she wrote. “Two teachers and a total of 2 students wrote in his yearbook. Despite Brody asking all kinds of kids to sign it. So Brody took it upon himself to write to himself. My heart is shattered 💔💔 Teach your kids kindness.”

Little did she know, her post made it to the local news and shortly after that her son received a cheer up call from actor Paul Rudd, AKA Ant-Man, who is Brody’s favorite super hero.

Rudd followed it up with a handwritten note.

“It was great talking to you the other day,” Rudd wrote in the note. “It’s important to remember that even when life is tough that things get better. There are so many people that love you and think you’re the coolest kid there is — me being one of them! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’re going to accomplish. Your pal, Paul.”

Following the note, the news broke nationwide, and Cassandra has reported on hundreds gifts and cards from kids and companies like CVS and GoPro. On July 9 the supportive mom announced that she and Brody have teamed up with The UGLI Foundation (stands for UNIQUE, GIFTED, LOVED and INDIVIDUAL) that works to end bullying.